Why Join a Club

Why join a club? well you will meet new friends, clubs have some of the best company in Australia just waiting to make you welcome

Learn how to set up your ‘van for comfortable and safe towing from those who do it regularly

Get hints and tips on trip planning, routes and packing from other members, some of whom have many yeras of experience in touring around Australia.

Obtain ideas for accessories to customise your caravan, again from members who have tried many of those available.

You gain access to comercial discounts available to club members.

Why own a caravan and not use it? Don’t just park it in your driveway and leave it there. A Club will give you a reason to get out there.

You will be able to participate in many Club, State and National events held annually for caravaner’s. “Roving Rallies” held regularly are a great way to see many places off the beaten track with experienced leaders and great company.